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This is the companion website for our new book Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence' The book came off the printing presses on Monday 13 December 2010 and is now available worldwide thanks to the wonders of modern technology and the good folks at Federation Press in Sydney!

From the back cover...

Everywhere there are mountains of information. Intelligence Managers and practitioners transform these mountains into intelligence and convey it to decision-makers. Intelligence is crucial. It maximises opportunity and minimises risk.

Intelligence practitioners must apply critical thinking and transparent analysis to increase understanding and reduce uncertainty. They must learn how to influence decision-makers.

Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence, solidly grounded in theory, provides practical guidance for managers and practitioners to develop and implement intelligence programs. It shows how to integrate these programs into an organisation in a coherent and functional way.

The book also outlines management issues that are specific to the intelligence profession. Key themes include the capability, models, people and processes required to support those in the business of making tactical, operational and strategic decisions and the transformation of intelligence into value.

Intelligence experts Neil Quarmby and Lisa Jane Young cogently expand the concept of using business intelligence to support organisational decision-making by creating a series of programs to detect, analyse and report on threats and risks in the broader environment.

Managing Intelligence: The Art of Influence is written for intelligence practitioners and managers operating in law enforcement, national security, the regulatory sector and throughout the private sector.

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Right:  Annual Australian Institute of Professional Intelligence Officers conference dinner (July 2010).