Managing IntelligenceThe Art of Influence

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About the Authors


Neil Quarmby


Neil Quarmby has been making and influencing decisions as both an operations and intelligence manager for 30 years. He has served in Defence, law enforcement, and a number of regulatory environments; including in Human Services and Health and Safety.

He has authored a variety of intelligence, planning, and information operations manuals in Defence, instructed on many intelligence and decision-making executive courses, and in recent years has assisted a number of government organisations to move forward into new ways of thinking and achieving better outcomes. He currently manages the regulatory function of a government service delivery agency.

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Lisa Jane Young


Lisa Jane Young has worked as an intelligence practitioner in law enforcement, the private sector and the regulatory sector. She has published on a number of topics, including the application of research concepts to intelligence analysis. In recent years her professional roles have led to an interest in the selection, development and retention of intelligence analysts.

Following the completion of a Master of Arts in Criminal Intelligence, Lisa held an academic position with Charles Sturt University for a number of years, teaching both Intelligence Management and Strategic Intelligence. She is currently a Director in Strategic Intelligence.

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